Dazzling graphics on the fly!

TNT Screen Capture creates screen shots that look better than the original screen.

While you capture it, TNT enhances your screen shot and applies a professional, photorealistic touch. And despite its many features, it is so simple to use that you can't do wrong.


An innovative and streamlined capture tool that is exceptionally simple and easy to use.

Matthew Ellison, Winwriters, Inc

TNT captures literally everything

Whether you take a picture of your desktop, an application window or a particular group of controls, TNT handles it with ease.

3 different screen capture modes cover everything from application interfaces to popup menus.

If you want the image to have a shadow, just tick the shadow option before you make the screen shot. Cursor included? Just another option!


What makes TNT different is the quality of the built-in image filters and add-ons. Look at the detail on the left - it's the gradient soft shadow that creates the photorealistic effect.

TNT automatically detects window shapes such as the rounded corners on Windows XP.

What you can do with TNT Screen Capture

TNT Screen Capture is a very versatile tool, helpful in many situations. What you can do with this software is only limited by your own imagination.


  Technical documentation

Screen shots in online help for software and for web pages don't have to be full blown images. They rather emphasize and illustrate details. With TNT you can spot the important details and leave out the rest. The thumbnail function quickly saves preview images for web pages.


Create enhanced screen shots from your software for marketing brochures and flyers. Your boss will be pleased with the eye-catching effects that you make with TNT and the marketing people will appreciate the high quality images which are good enough for print ads.


Brush up your presentation with TNT before you show it in meetings. Grab the attention of your auditory with pleasant screen shots embedded in Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and slide shows.


Use TNT to document software prototypes. The excellent prints of TNT help you to freeze and archive the interfaces that you negotiated with your customer. A printed and signed screen shot of the software interface is hard to discuss, if your customer changes his mind.


TNT is free! Download and install it!